New Pentecost 2005

From Vatican II to the World Social Forum – Towards a New Pentecost in the South

This was the theme chosen for the CLC program for 2005 to mark the 40th anniversary of the Vatican II Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, more popularly known as, Gaudium et Spes, and which can be justly considered as the Church’s manual on the role of lay people in the transformation of the modern world.

To organise this program, CLC partnered ACMICA Asia-Pacific and ACMICA to host a tour of South East Asia and the Pacific by Chico Whitaker, co-founder of the World Social Forum.

This tour by Chico Whitaker accompanied by his wife Stella Whitaker took place from 10-25 May 2005.

Indeed, Chico’s personal life story from his early days as a member of the Brazilian JUC or University Young Catholic Students movement, to his work with the famous Bishop Helder Camara – which began in late 1965 just as Vatican II was closing – , his work in the development field, in justice and peace all provided the perfect backdrop and preparation for his later role in the launching of the World Social Forum.

Chico Whitaker

Our theme “New Pentecost” also referred back to Pope John XXIII’s call for the Second Vatican Council to become the launching pad for a “New Pentecost” for the Church in the modern world. Hence, also the timing of our program with Pentecost 2005 falling on Sunday 15 May.

Chico Whitaker Tour of Asia and the Pacific: Australia, New Zealand and Thailand

This is a summary of the main dates of Chico’s visit.


10 – 14 May: Melbourne: Hosted by YPD, YCS and YCW.

15 – 17 May: Sydney: Hosted by ACMICA.

17 – 19 May: Brisbane: Hosted by Pax Christi.

New Zealand

20-23 May: Auckland: Hosted by Pax Christi NZ


24 – 25 May: Bangkok, hosted by the Cardijn Lay Community

Other New Pentecost Events


15 May: Clement and Doreen Katongo are organising an event with their community including their orphanage for young people who have lost their families to AIDS.


15 May: Solidarity with Zambia: Flo Triendl is organising a solidarity event linking up with Doreen and Clement in Zambia.

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