Vatican II + 40 2002

Vatican II in the Age of Globalisation:

Review and Perspectives on the Council after 40 years

Bangkok Conference, 8-11 October 2002

As its first major project, the Cardijn Lay Community (as CCI was then known) launched the V2+40 project in 2002 with an international conference in Bangkok from 8-11 October 2002 on the theme Vatican II in the Context of Globalisation, Lay Contribution to the Church in the World to mark the 40th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council (V2 + 40) on 11 October 1965.

With over 60 participants from 13 countries (mostly from Asia), the conference endeavoured to review the progress of the lay apostolate since the Council and also to examine its perspectives for the future in the modern context of globalisation.

Here we outline the V2+40 project objectives as well as presenting the program and various papers from the conference.

Vatican 2 + 40, Bangkok, October 2002

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